Shannon Sedgwick is a well-known identity in technology and cybersecurity circles in Asia Pacific. He is often seen appearing on tv, radio, and in print publications, and delivering keynotes discussing cybersecurity, effective leadership, business development, governance, culture, technology, government policy, and breaking news events.

Shannon founded GM Risk Group and rapidly scaled from a two-person small business in San Diego, USA into a multi-national high-turnover risk management firm. Having worked in 30+ countries, Shannon gained unique insight into technology and information security and privacy issues affecting society globally.

Shannon coordinated the development and launch of the cybersecurity division of GM Risk Group, rapidly becoming its most profitable service line, focusing on providing affordable cybersecurity solutions to mid-sized businesses. He successfully exited GM Risk Group in August of 2018.

He worked with Deloitte Asia Pacific building their Cyber Risk practice in Canberra from a team of two to a high-performing diverse team of 12+ in less than one year, with a focus on the Federal Government; from the development and delivery of nationally-significant cybersecurity maturity reviews to the implementation of large ICT transformation programs. He later worked with the global telecommunications powerhouse Verizon to translate their technical subject matter expertise into a winning business strategy for both enterprise and government clients.

As Senior Managing Director at Ankura, he engages with executives and boards in both government and private industry and develops solutions to incorporate cyber risk into their overall business strategy. Shannon’s focus is on strategic cybersecurity; helping clients meet risk-reduction and compliance objectives and advising on the implementation of new and evolving technologies by ensuring they are secure, fit-for-purpose, scalable, and continually driving efficiencies in the target organisation.

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